Doggy Style

I know what you’re thinking… Now get your head out of the gutter!! Dogs, just like humans, deserve to look their very best on occasion. While some pet owners constantly spend money on their own attire, the best pet owners treat their fur babies with the same love and fashion sense as human beings. If […]

Why are dogs called “A Man’s Best Friend?”

As vicious as their bark may sound, dogs have become highly domesticated over the years. We’ve groomed them to become house pets who need us in order to survive. They’ve turned into a furry companion who never talks back, but offers their paw out in security and love. They are our ideal “match made in […]

How To Pamper Your Dog (the right way)

Just because dogs don’t have jobs like we do doesn’t mean that they don’t need to unwind sometimes. They also deserve a little extra love now and then. They’re a part of the family, they pick us up when we’re down and celebrate when we’re on top! Not just you, but everyone’s wins and losses. […]