As vicious as their bark may sound, dogs have become highly domesticated over the years. We’ve groomed them to become house pets who need us in order to survive. They’ve turned into a furry companion who never talks back, but offers their paw out in security and love. They are our ideal “match made in heaven…” which is where all dogs go, anyway, right?

Here’s why dogs are called “a man’s best friend.”


Dogs become extremely territorial towards their owners. They are your ride or die. When off at work, your fur baby sits and waits for the jingle of your keys to hit the lock. And once inside, they are ready to pounce with joy. It breaks their heart every time they are left behind, and it’s obvious they can’t imagine a world without you.


All they want is your love and affection, which is usually what you want. It’s a mutual transaction. They need cuddles, comfort, and love just like we do. About 38% of US households have a dog, according to the 2017-2018 U.S. Pet Ownership & Demographics Sourcebook. That means dogs are part of the family, and we’re better for it.


Just like a beaming child bringing home good grades or a trophy for being the most valuable player, dogs love to bring you gifts that make you proud, too! Whether that’s a big stick, a ball you just threw, or a dead bird they wrestled to the ground (don’t judge), your furry friend can not wait to show off for you! The connection to their need to be praised and valued is strikingly similar to our own, which is one big reason they’re considered a man’s best friend.


After a hard breakup, or just a tough day at the office, your four legged baby notices immediately.  And they want to fix it. They’ll come to your rescue with concern, loving licks, and extra snuggles. Dogs don’t even care how often you repeat yourself or cry. They’re just what the doctor ordered when we need a little pick me up.

And when we’re celebrating, they’re the first to match our energy (and then some)! They’ll bark, wag, and just run around in circles around you, hyping up their favorite hooman. 


Now, while some breeds are … let’s just say “not as worldly” as other more refined breeds… most dogs are REALLY smart. They’re perceptive. They can be trained pretty easily to do fun tricks like spinning in a circle, hopping on their back legs, or even playing dead.  And of course, what pup doesn’t love to sit or lay down for fresh treats?!

But dogs can also be trained to make life more convenient. 

Doggos can be trained to open doors… grab remotes… or even get their own leash when they want to go O-U-T. 

They’re wicked smart. AND … it also reflects really highly on you, showing off just how much love and attention you devote to your furry friend. 


Now, while this isn’t an immediate thought when processing how amazing dogs absolutely are, it’s definitely a cherry on top!

Who needs to vacuum when you’ve got a puppers around?

If you own a dog and accidently drop a piece of food on the floor, you know without a doubt that your floor may as well be spotless. That food is gone. (SIDENOTE: make sure you’re faster than the dog if you drop chocolate or grapes or any other toxic noms).


Whatever the case may be, your dog is there for you like no other. Cats don’t hold a candle when it comes to our canine companions. 

They truly are man’s best friend. 

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