Just because dogs don’t have jobs like we do doesn’t mean that they don’t need to unwind sometimes. They also deserve a little extra love now and then. They’re a part of the family, they pick us up when we’re down and celebrate when we’re on top! Not just you, but everyone’s wins and losses. So when you get the chance, take some time to show your furry friend how much they mean to you. 

Here are some ideas for properly pampering your pup:


Take them shopping

No, not to Macy’s. Well, maybe. Depends on the size of your dog I guess… But regardless, pull out that wallet and take the pup to a great pet store! Let them sniff away and pick out something they want. They’ll be able to scope out new toys, shiny doggie bowls, and even a fancy bed. 

Whatever their heart desires, get it. 

And on your way out, snag a cookie or two as an extra surprise! 


Upgrade your dog’s wardrobe

Treats don’t have to be edible. 

Anything that your dog enjoys is a treat.

Maybe that’s a new collar upgrade? Get them something shiny… Or customized? Ooh! Or bedazzled! Just remember to make sure the tag is clear and readable. 

You can also grab fun outfits for those winter months – a monogrammed sweater or sassy jacket that every other dog would be jealous of during a particularly cold day. Or hey, if you’re somewhere that doesn’t have winter (i.e. Florida), you could always get some stylish dog socks or shoes.

Help their cute widdle paws out on that hot sidewalk!


Take them for a day at the park

Exercise makes you feel better. It makes dogs feel better, too. Few things make them happier than warm grass, hot sun, and fun dog friends to play with. They deserve time to roam free and get back to their primal roots. Let them have some fun and run wild with their dog friends, sniff some butts, roll around in the grass, and just enjoy nature. While they play, you can take it easy. Sit, relax, unwind,  and get some sun on your own snout. It’s a win win!


Take them for a day at the spa

All that playing sure can get exhausting – and dirty!

Take your dog to the groomers for a nice bath, a little trim, and a lot of pampering. They’ll come out looking – and feeling – like a brand new pup! 

And if you really want to pamper your pup, take it one step further with a little doggy massage. If your dog loves affection, this will be heaven to their floppy ears. Massages can help ease sore muscles or achy paws. You know your baby best – only massage areas where they enjoy being touched. This type of pampering will also help in your future endeavors to keep them calm during that dreaded nail clip time!


Watch a pet movie

I know my old collie was stoked anytime she saw another animal on the screen. Her eyes were glued to the television, completely lost in whatever story was unfolding. So, test it out with your own pup! Check out some of these recommendations that should send your furry friend’s tail wagging!

And, while watching, make sure you give your little (or big) baby an extra treat to enjoy. No one likes to watch a movie without snacks, right? 

No matter what you choose, just make sure to share the love and treat them like they treat us!


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